Plate Bending Machine

Pathak Plate Bending machine is a universally useable three roller bedning machine with linear hydraulic roll movement of side and bottom rolls. It can be used to roll tubes, tube segments, rounded boxes, ovals or other shapes.


Experienced and actual users, keeping in mind most rigorous working environment, designed our machine with extensive calculations of stresses and loads on every component. This has created a robust machine with adequate safety factors and with minimum power requirement. It saves upon the electricity consumption, thus effective running cost.



PATHAK have developed a HYDRAULIC version of Pyramid Type three Roll Plate Bending Machine. The Hydraulic version has mechanical screws jacks replaced with Hydraulic cylinders and the opening head is operated hydaulically. This machine has a limited Pre Bending capacity andis extremely useful for bending shapes like “U” and ” L”. The machine requires less labour and operating time as compared to mechanical machines. The development was made to provide an economical substitute to other hydraulic machines available in the market. The advantage lies in the reduced cycle time in time during operation which gives a faster production and reduced manpower as the screws are hydraulically operated.

The features of our machine which ensures durability and a good output :

  • Rollers: The rollers are made of solid forged Class IV material and are chemically tested. Ultrasonic Testing is carried out to check for the internal flaws.
    Benefit: Rollers are the backbone of the machine. Rollers with lesser Carbon % in due course of time results in surface indentation and tends to bend.

    Bushes: Gun Metral bushes are fitted which have a better load bearing capacity as compared to Cast Iron Bushes.
    Benefit: Increases the life of the machine eliminating breakdown.

  • Gear Box: We Provide Gear Box and motors from reputed manufacturers as desired by our customer with OEM test and Guarantee certificate.
    Benefit: Reduces the risk of breakdown and decreases the production cost.
  • Helical Gears: EN9 / EN19 Hob cut hellical gears are provided.
    Benefit: Better Load carrying capacity for the same thickness of Spur gear. This increases the load bearing capacity of gears rendering longer life.
  • Support Rolls:The machine are fitted with dynamically designed support rolls.
    Benefit: These give better rigidity to the machine by arresting the rollers deflection and skewing of the base frame. Plates bent without proper support rolls may remain unbent from the centre, ie you do not get proper cylinder.
  • All components(inclusive of side stands and base plates) are precision machined on all reference and working surfaces to ensure perfect alignmets.
    Benefit: True alignment enhances the longevity of the machine eliminating downtime and revenue loss.
  • Rear stand swings out for easy removal of the shell.
    Benefit: Easy to work and faster production cutting down on labor cost.
    Machine designed with adequate distance between the bottom rollers. Larger the distance more is the residual flat edge. Reducing the distance increases the load on the machine requiring more driving power and making it susceptible to break down.
  • Benefit: Minimum distance with a rigid construction to bend with minimum flat edge and to consume the least power to cut down on running cost. Machine designed with adequate Pass Speed.
  • Benefit: Easy to handle the job while working, plate can be bent at lesser no. of passes with a good quality bend.

  • Robust Machine designed to consume minimum power to cut dowm on running cost.
  • Only maintenance required is lubrication at specified points and general cleaning.
Plate Bending Machine Video
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