Hydraulic Shearing Machines

At Pathak We offer a wide variety of Indian & Imported Shearing Machine like Industrial Shearing Machines, Hydraulic Shearing Machine, Mechanical Over Crank Shearing Machines, Mechanical Under Crank Shearing Machine.

  • Available in Undercrank & Overcank Models with Blade Length ranging from 600mm to 3000mm and capacity from 1.6mm to 10mm.
  • Steel Fabricated body of the machines provide extra rigidity and longer life.
  • The Shearing blades are 4-edged and made of High Chromium-High Carbon Steel material.
  • Mechanical, Automatic Spring Loaded adjustable Brake is provided in the machine for efficient performance.
  • Foot operated switch can be provided with the machine on demand.
Hydraulic Shearing Machines Video